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Actor Sanjay Suri went into retrospection when we told him that he is completing 25 years in Bollywood in 2024.”Time doesn’t wait for anything or anyone, while we wait for things to happen and before one realises decades pass,” Suri said.

Sanjay Suri made his Bollywood debut with Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi in 1999.(Instagram/@sanjaysuri)

“The beauty of being in a creative field is that you never realise how time flies because each project, role, process of creation feels so fresh that one always feels like a newcomer,” the actor opined.

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Suri’s debut film Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi (PMKK) (1999) has over the years found its own fanbase. The 52-year-old says the beauty of the rom-com was “the kind of camaraderie and fresh energy without any baggage of any sorts” that every cast and crew member brought.

PMKK was also the debut of Dino Morea and Rinke Khanna. Talking about bonding with Morea and Khanna, Suri said it was because “there’s a comfort we built and we all wanted each other to do well.”

The film also launched director Raj Kaushal, music directors Vishal–Shekhar, and many others. Suri said the raw energy on the set is what it made it a memorable experience. “Some feel a solo launch is always better but the wait could be endless. Other way was, here we were full of energy and excitement willing to work non-stop with no frills. I think the underdog energy is always addictive,” Suri shared.

Recalling how he initially rejected his character Bugs, Suri said Kaushal and writer Patrick Biswas were open to suggestions and their conviction encouraged the actor to take up the film.

“I told Raj that the character of Bugs wasn’t fully working. To my surprise he asked me to come with my suggestions. That was a big thing,” Suri shared.

PMKK is often touted as a musical blockbuster which was fresh and reverberated with the mood of the college romance. While Suri reiterated with the popularity of its tracks, he also said his character who makes the sacrifice in the love triangle, deserved a sequel.

“I think PMKK deserved a sequel with Bugs finding love,” Suri said with a laugh.

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