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Kavita Devi is known to be the first professional Indian female wrestler who took part in WWE and made India proud and with her grit. Her determination proved that if given an opportunity, Indian women can achieve anything and everything with their fighting spirit.
Now an ambitious biopic on Kavita Devi has been announced. The rights have been acquired by producer Pretty Aggarwal who plans to make the film on a very grand scale. Zeeshan Ahmad will also be co-producing the film.
It is interesting to know that The Great Khali and Kavita Devi share a special bond. Kavita Devi was trained for WWE under Khali. Before joining WWE, Kavita previously wrestled on the independent circuit under the name of Kavita and Hard KD. Kavita Devi belongs to a very humble family. She was born in a small village of Haryana called Malvi in Jind district.
Talking about the decision to produce a biopic on Kavita Devi, Pretty Aggarwal said, “Her whole life has been very inspiring. In every stage of her life she showed a lot of courage to fight all the odds and proved her ability to win. WWE has always been considered as a male bastion. Later many women from around the world started taking interest in it and professionally started participating in it. But still there was no female representation from India. But Kavita Devi proved her mettle and showed that Indian women are no less. She jumped into the WWE ring with all her might. Notably, after marriage she wanted to quit playing, but with her husband’s support she continued playing post her marriage and brought many laurels for India.”
The film will also showcase how Kavita Devi’s big brother Sanjay Dalal has been pillar of support since her childhood. It will also showcase how Sanjay helped Kavita shape her career and made her into a tough women.
Producer Zeeshan Ahmad, who is known for the recently released Irrfan Khan starrer ‘The Song Of The Scorpions’, is working on his next ‘Main Atal Hoon’ which is based on the illustrious life of our former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpayee. He is very excited to produce Kavita Devi’s biopic and can’t wait for the shooting to begin.
Zeeshan Ahmad informs that the writing of the film is in full swing. And once the script of the film is complete, they will decide upon the beginning of the shoot and take a call on the cast and crew of the film.
When asked as an actor who would be suitable to play Kavita Devi and does he has anyone who could portray her role, he said, “For now, the film is in the writing stage and once we are done with the writing we will take a call on that. Any decision pertaining to this would be too early. But one thing is sure that we will choose a very talented actor for her role in the film.”
Making a film on a women wrestler who inspired many, is a proud moment for Zeeshan Ahmad. He says that after watching the film, not only Indian women but women world over will get a new perspective about life. He says, “After achieving so much in life, it’s a shame that not many Indians are aware of her achievements. The biopic on Kavita Devi will not only make people aware of her life and times, but it would be inspirational for everyone and that’s the reason we are making this film.”

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